• We help you set the price. We will do the research and in consultation with  you set a price.  Or you tell us what your price is.  It makes no difference.  You are the boss.  

  • We find the buyers.  You do very little.  You just send us the pics and information about your car.  We do the rest.  We advertise your car and search for buyers.  We will not limit the search to just your local area.  We will search for interested contacts and we will keep your contact information confidential.   If you find a buyer on your own before we do, no problem.  There is no cost to you.  This is not a consignment.

  • We will connect you to each buyer. When we find a potential buyer, for a small fee of $49, we will give you his or her contact information.  But you are not on your own.  We will stay in contact with you and help you in the negotiation process.  We will also help you with advice on how to secure a payment, transfer the title or any other matters in selling your car.  When it comes to any problems, such as transporting the car, we will help the buyer with making the arrangements.  It will not cost you a thing.

  • What if there is no sale?  Then we will find you another potential buyer.  Each additional potential buyer will only cost you a $19 fee.          

  • We trust you.  If you sell the car we trust you to pay our 1% fee.  Of course the fees for each potential buyer will be taken off the 1% consultant fee.  If you don't pay us or fib on the final price settlement, then we are the fools for trusting you.  In this arrangement you are not at risk.  Only we are.

Contact Us:  Call 859-912-9755.  Leave a message for our head consultant James Schad or text him.  You can also email him at schadja@hotmail.com.

Palomar's car selling consultation:

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